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News Digest 6.22.16

Camp One Ventures Portfolio Companies in the News

Here’s the latest from some of our portfolio companies.

inDinero. Jessica Mah, of inDinero, gets written up in TWO Forbes publications.
Talent Practices Of One Of The Bay Area’s Hottest Companies. via Forbes.
Tax Meets Technology: A Chat With Jessica Mah Of inDinero.com via Forbes.

Zooz. CEO Oren Levy discusses the payment challenges merchants are facing.
Executive Spotlight Series with Oren Levy from Zooz. via Payments Journal.

One, Inc. Their “insurance company operating system” is changing the industry.
Resetting the Bar for Legacy System Modernization—Interview: Chris Ewing via Insurance Innovation Reporter.

Credit Sesame. CNBC looks to Credit Sesame for Credit Reporting.
The essentials of keeping your credit in check. via CNBC.

Ripple. It has been a big week for Ripple’s PR Team. A new office in Luxembourg, two new major partnerships, NY License, a new integration, phew….
MoneyGram Teams Up…To Use Ripple Tech for Remittances. via Coin Journal.
New York approves Ripple Lab’s application for bitcoin license. via Reuters.
Volante Technologies announces new Ripple integration. via Econo Times.
Two blockchain leaders might join forces. via Business Insider.
Ripple opens office in Luxembourg. via Coin Report.

BookingPal. BookingPal adds a bolt-on that helps property owners “double conversion rate.”
BookingPal Announces the Launch of myOptimize: Content Scoring Platform. via PR Rocket.




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