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News Digest 4.15.16

Camp One Ventures Portfolio Companies in the News

Here’s the latest from some of our portfolio companies.

Even. It’s painful for an hourly worker to have a slow week. Even is fixing that. Plus Camp One Ventures gets a shout. Even Raises $9 Million to Help Hourly Workers With Financial Stability. via Fortune.

Ripple. See how Chris Larsen’s Ripple went from goat herders to central banks. He calls it, “being in the sewer system of finance.” Ripple Aims to Put Every Transaction on One Ledger. via New York Times.

One, Inc. SafeAuto chose One, Inc. as their core policy and agency management system. It’s kind of a big deal. SafeAuto selects InsureOne™ Suite from One, Inc. via One, Inc blog.

Float. Max Klein, CEO of Float, and others discuss how banks are dragging their feet.  Fintech’s $138 billion opportunity. via TechCrunch.

Credit Sesame. Get a loan at the snap of button? Sounds like that could be dangerous for some people – I am guessing they will be weeded out. Credit Sesame Launches “SnapLoan”, The Amazon One-Click for Consumer Loans. via Finovate.

Here is a picture from some of our latest travels- it’s the second largest atrium in the world.


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